Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Its now or never

Worldwide financial meltdown, house prices in freefall, collapse of the pound against the euro, share values plummeting - seems like just the time to sell up and move to France.

Despite all this the plan is for us to move from our house ( no 82) where we have lived for the last 25 years and finally take the plunge and go to live in France. Dept 82 ( Tarn et Garonne ) has become our destination of choice since we bought a tiny fishing lodge beside ( occasionally in) the river Vere. Known to us as "Pavillon" the house is not suitable for us to live in permanently as it has no mains electricity and some flooding " issues" . It is however a haven and in a glorious part of France. We have talked for many years of a possible relocation and have decided that it must be now or never while health and enthusiasm remain strong enough to face up to the challenge of a new adventure.

So now its down to TC to decide exactly when to start his retirement, in the meantime there's 25 years worth of hoarding to sort out!

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