Friday, 5 December 2008

who'll feed the cat?

There's so much to consider as we contemplate choosing a new home.There are elements of our present life which we plan would continue and even develop when we are living in France
  • we have a lovely garden and grow our own vegetables, we keep chickens and act as "staff " to a cat - Angelo.
  • we need space for our books and the piano (TC's present piano is a grand - decision on its fate deferred pending eventual house purchase!)
  • we need room for visitors even though for most of the time it will just be the two of us so we don't want to freeze in a massive "manoir".
  • We don't want to give ourselves a huge renovation project ( been there, done that etc).
Here we have great neighbours who are happy to feed the animals on our frequent trips away. And there's the rub - many of the houses which appeal most are just too isolated but I couldn't bear not to have space around me and a view of the countryside. And what about neighbours ? We are very happy with our own company in general but would hope to become part of a community where we live.

Cold miserable weather is allowing me to spend far too much time in front of the computer scouring the websites of "immobilier". We have growing list of properties which we may visit in a few months, in the meantime it's just a case of keeping the faith - our perfect place at the perfect price is out there - oh and the neighbours will love the cat!

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