Monday, 26 January 2009

Trop d'eau

All is well - a week later the wall is repaired and we have a pristine driveway even if it has taken over a week instead of the promised two days!

Our current worries centre around the recent weather in Tarn et Garonne. The river past our little holiday home is the Vere and it flows into the Aveyron. River reports on the internet show that the Aveyron is at its highest level since 2004 which inevitably means the water is lapping around the walls of our house and at a higher level than we have experienced before. We have installed floodgates across our doorways which are brilliant for "normal" floods but a really high flood will go over the top of these and worse still the water won't be able to escape when the water level goes down. We are awaiting a reply to an email to the owner of the neighbouring property with great trepidation. How much more simple life would be if we lived nearby!

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