Monday, 30 March 2009

What next?!?!

For the last 3 years, since we bought our little holiday house in south west France, Easter has seen us driving down armed with new paintbrushes and the power washer to get the house spruced up after the ravages of a winter of neglect.

Arrival is always an anxious time as we never know what we will find and what problems we will have to deal with. The anxiety seems to be getting worse with the passing years as three years have taught us there is always something else you haven't thought of to go wrong! The last visit was dominated by finding the shed had been broken into and we had lost every tool, the lawn mower, bikes and the gas bottles - not to mention the decaying bodies of the two loirs trapped in the bath. we did have to work quite hard to persuade ourselves that it was all worth it!

This time we have our fingers crossed that the boiler has been repaired so we will have hot water (unlike our previous stay) and the generator works after the flooding in January.

Whatever else awaits us preparations this year have an extra measure of excitement as we have three days of serious househunting planned. We have three estate agents lined up and a total of 10 properties to visit. Although it is unlikely that any house we see on this trip will still be on the market when we are in a position to buy this will be our opportunity to think really seriously about the type of house and location that will suit us. It will also hopefully galvanise us in to action regarding getting our current house on the market.

So Tarn et Garonne here we come again, full of hope that all our problems will be little ones, that the weather will be kind and we are inspired by the property opportunites within our grasp.

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