Sunday, 27 September 2009

early rising

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am NOT a morning person!

Throughout my career as a primary school headteacher staff knew better than to approach with the latest request until at least the morning playtime bell had rung, I never attended a "breakfast meeting" and now relish the leisurely rising afforded by the pursuits of retirement.

Despite all this, yesterday we were woken by the alarm before 7.00am and prepared to spend a hopefully profitable morning at our first car boot sale. The car was packed to the roof with jigsaws, games and assorted bric a brac and we set off to seek our fortune. TC commented that I had made surisingly little fuss about getting up so early! I felt virtuous and keen. Imagine then our consternation when we arrived to find that our chosen sale happens every fortnight and this was the wrong week. Suddenly the day ahead seemed an endless prospect!

Looking on the positive side, we have proved it possible - even for me- and we did manage to sell two train sets for a reasonable sum at the antique and collectors centre later in the day. We even managed not to buy anything!

Today we did a fact finding visit to another car boot sale which does happen every week so we don't feel quite so green. I have to say I also don't feel so optimistic either, there did seem to be a lot of people standing behind tables full of their cast off stuff selling nothing. This would not be worth getting up a the crack of dawn at the weekend for.

However it must be worth a try, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say and of course our junk is better than everyone elses!

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