Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mixed reactions

A steady stream of people are visiting to view number 82. Today a family stayed for an hour and a half. They were so nice and I could really imagine them living here, daft really as it won't make any difference to us when we've gone but somehow it seems better to think of nice people moving in. Earlier in the week TC was moved to take the car number of one visitor who seemed so odd as to be somewhat suspicious!

We've had lots of positive feedback but so far no offers. We suspect that most of the people who have looked so far have not got their house on the market yet but are interested because our house is a bit individual and has such a great garden. Many of them are living on a nearby modern housing estate and profess that they have "always wanted to live in one of these houses", some recount having visited each one in the road that has come onto the market in the last five years ! Still its good to be getting interest and an offer too early would have caused us some stress anyway.

As more of our friends discover our plans their reactions are interesting. For the most part they are pleased for us, if surprised, and will I am sure be making plans to take advantage of our hospitality in the future- hope so anyway. Both of the children are relaxed about the sale of the family home and are convinced that we will be happy in France, even my parents seem to have come to terms with the idea a little more although it has understandably been difficult for them. Those few friends who continue to express their doubts I am sure do so with the best of intentions but as things progress we are increasingly secure in our decision and are so looking forward to the adventures the next decade holds in store for us.

It would be nice to get some sort of offer before we go back to France at half term so that we could do some more househunting of our own, I have a few potential properties eyed up already but I am trying not to get too attached to anything yet.