Thursday, 22 October 2009

stash in the attic

The clear out is going well, we are learning to be ruthless and can see light at the end of the tunnel - not to mention the floor under the bed and in the attics.

There are some things though which have to remain as "treasures". We are allowing ourselves one old suitcase each to keep our selection.

Memorabilia of a life so far?
My case holds the shawl my Mum made when I was born which I also used for my children, some school books from my infant years, school ties, badges and the university scarf, the teenage angst ridden diaries, a bundle of letters from TC from before we were married, the wedding outfit (rescued from the kids dressing up box), one or two bits and pieces made by the kids when they were small and mementoes from teachering days (that has taken a while to select) as well as certificates ranging from first aid and grade 1 piano to post graduate efforts.

There are some things which don't count as suitcase treasures - I really can't throw out photos and we have a dozen albums of the kids growing up, a drawer full of boxes of holiday photos and now discs storing digital files - these will be kept safe of course and serve to remind us of our treasure trove of memories and cheer us up on future rainy afternoons ( even in France!). There are some things that will always have a place!

In the meantime the suitcase will travel to a new attic with its little hoard. It may amuse future generations to see what was selected - no point in them hoping for anything valuable though, this is definitely not cash in the attic!

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