Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Las charretieres

Maybe, just maybe!

We have just returned from a hard week of househunting in Tarn et Garonne and Aveyron. We have now looked at 20 properties. Some were just the sort of place we might have taken on 20 years ago ( like we did when moving to our current , now beautiful, house) needing just a bit too much in the way of DHW ( Damned Hard Work) which would have interfered with our current planned retirement lifestyle with the emphasis on being out of doors and not clogging up our lungs with plaster dust. Others were in the wrong place/garden no good/ too small or too big .......and then there was one!

We have both been seduced by one house (luckily the same one which is always a bonus) in the perfect location, lots of character, great condition, and just the right size for us - big enough to have visitors but not too big when we are on our own. Best of all it sits in two acres of land just waiting for us to get our hands on to make our French garden. There is a walled vegetable garden, a woodland (free heating!) and a field just begging for a swimming pool and an orchard.

We have tried all the "yes but it hasn't gots"and "yes but it isn'ts" we can think of but we still love it and now just want to move in and start on all of our plans. We are really excited.

Now all that we've got to do is see if we can hurry along the selling of No 82 well enough to give us the confidence to start the purchase in France. Till then only distant glimpses, full frontal views when we are more confident!

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