Sunday, 31 January 2010

on not getting over excited....

OK, so the snow melted and I got a few mornings in the garden spotting signs of Spring - now we have snow again - very pretty I'm sure but tomorrow is February and it will be the third month with snow on the ground and we just aint used to it going on so long.

Now we have people who have come back for a second viewing, still love the house and say they want it. Sounds good yes BUT they have done nothing over Christmas and the New Year and they have only just started putting things in motion to put their house on the market - that means at least a couple of weeks to get the valuation, HIP and marketing done and who knows how long to get a buyer. (Just smile sweetly through gritted teeth susie!!!!)

I am continuing to add to the list of properties in France to view as a new year brings new places onto the market there. This at least is reassuring, the list is growing and includes some interesting possibilities. Maybe we will find the view, the village, and the pool with the house of our dreams!

Now we need to order more coal. We bought less than usual this year as we were moving and we concentrated on using up all of the logs we had stockpiled. It made sense but the unexpectedly cold weather has meant we have used it all and we are still here to endure the rest of a freezing winter. The boiler started playing silly b...ers this morning too - seemed to be needing a rest!

My fountain on the patio will never be the same after this either!

We need to move before anything else breaks!

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