Friday, 8 January 2010

On ice

The big freeze is on and beating the New Year blues this year has been made more difficult this year as a result of a total lack of activity regarding our house sale. TC is now officially retired and we had hoped to be frantically making final preparations for our move this month.

Still, so far it is not to be and we are in a state of frozen limbo.

We have been taking every opportunity can to get out and enjoy the snowy landscapes on some great walks and are loving the fact that every day is the weekend so we can just go out when our mood and the weather are right. Yesterday we were out all day walking along the frozen canal, through magical winter wonderland woods and across fields of deep virgin snow with clear blue skies above - fabulous!

The sudden and unexpected death of a friend just before Christmas has served as a timely reminder to us both not to forget to enjoy present good health and blessings as we plan for future dreams.

So we will carry on living "for the moment" and making the most of each day, our family and our friends until the thaw.


Olga Swan said...

Despite the gloom, I can tell you that even if you were already in SW France, you'd still be knee-deep in snow! Roll on the summer.

freeasthewind said...

Sounds like a nice plan for retirement.But what beautiful pictures were you are at