Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I've never eaten a chip butty

So I've never eaten a chip butty - No particular reason Ive just never felt the urge!

Apparently it is because I am a "Southern Wuss", this despite having lived in Stoke on Trent for 39 years ( ie most of my life and all of my career), clog dancing, and having two children born here. I have lost all traces of my West Country accent which used to so amuse my first pupils ( a "get on with your worrk" would be followed by a whispered "ooh arrr" being passed around the classroom) and I even use some Potteries expressions but Stoke folk, although friendly, can spot a "furriner" a mile off.

So what chance have we of being accepted as incomers in rural France? Who knows, but we do love France and have spent a lot of time travelling in the country. We have chosen to go to live in an area we know well and already know some people. Last summer we even made some progress finding like minds in the traditional music fraternity ( see August 2009 Carry on Dancing) so we shall see. I have been working really hard to improve my French too.

The latest developments have been dramatic - we seem to have another buyer. A cash offer has been made and accepted and we have contacted a solicitor to start things moving. We hardly dare believe that this really will come off but so far so good. It has come in the nick of time as I was getting very depressed with having life on hold and was beginning to wonder if I could persuade TC that there was a plan B ( had no idea what it was but there had to be something). Now its all systems go again and maybe I bought that big bag of potting compost for nothing.

We are hoping to be able to have some sort of discussion soon about timings so we can make further plans.It would be great to be in the position to get back to househunting as cash buyers ourselves soon and the improving weather means we will be able to live in Pavillon quite comfortably while a sale goes through. We may look into rented an unfurnished place to store our furniture and act as a temporary address.

Fingers and toes crossed nothing goes wrong this time.

And as for butties - I WILL miss bacon butties!
Chips I will enjoy with moules forestieres under the arches at Montauban!


Olga Swan said...

Great news about the sale. Let us know if we can help in any way with your move. Amicalement.

Tommo said...

Best of luck. Hope the house sale goes through okay. Nowt to do with chip butties but had a mate from Burslem who raved about Stoke oatcakes.