Thursday, 25 March 2010

so far so hopeful!

As I write we await any "developments" following the buyers survey ( not quite a cash buyer after all it seems but they do not have to sell first and only need a small mortgage so fingers ( and toes and legs) crossed. Our house is 120 years old with ne'r a straight wall and some wonky bits but that's what is best about it - the trouble is these surveyors have boxes to tick!

Anyway we remain optimistic and have an extra visit to Tarn et Garonne booked for next week. We are hoping that we will actually be able to get a purchase under way. We are going back to look at Las Charretieres but also have a couple of other places to see - one of which I have to say has stolen my heart with the photographs. It is within walking distance of a lively village with and also has great views.

We have started to get quotes for removals and as a result have done some serious rethinking of what furniture we will take with us, firstly because there is a danger it won't fit in a lorry, secondly it will cost a fortune to keep it in storage while our French purchase goes through and lastly, but by no means least, we are realising that some of our furniture is perfect for our Victorian villa but will look out of place in the type of property we are planning to buy.

At the moment we are aiming to complete our sale ready to move out at the end of May - our buyers are keen to get in as soon as possible, we of course will want to minimise the length of time we have to store the furniture. Most of April we will be in France and then we will be back here to deal with this end of things. For this stage there is of course A LIST - we are crossing things off but I think at the moment it is growing faster.

This week we uncovered my daughters dolls house in the garage. As I told her it reminded me of house she or I might buy - in need of some serious TLC but basically structurally sound. The house was made by my Dad and its fate was Anna's first consideration when we first told her of intentions to go to France. She has a tiny cottage in Norfolk but has decided the dolls house must be saved ( I think she may have to build a shed around it) and restored to its former glory. We will be taking it this weekend - another big space in the garage - goodeee!

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