Monday, 10 May 2010

I never did like roller coasters!

I have never been a great fan of theme park type fun especially of the roller coaster kind but recently I have felt that I am fastened tightly in the seat of the biggest of dippers.

UP, up, up we crawl - another buyer, talk, wait, talk - getting near the bend and looking over the abyss and then whoops we turn and there is the SOLD sign -

arrgg....whats this? its getting faster, faster hurtling down towards .?.?.?..... or will this be the time the truck comes off the rails? - but no this time its the water splash - yes the sale is on but have to be out by the 28th May- no sooner through the water when up we crawl again slightly soggy but preparing for the next twist, turn or plummet.

So the ride goes on - 28th May is distinctly optimistic especially as our buyer's surveyor has not yet appeared to do his/her stuff but we have agreed to go if need be. The removal firm are on standby to move our furniture into storage and we are back to working through the list of things which have got to be done before we go, all the time reminding ourselves that in fact we could be back to square one at any time and still here all through the summer and beyond.

This week we are driving over to France with another car load of stuff to make some preparations for spending a few months at Pavillon - highest priority being getting a phone connected. Our original plan was to go for a few weeks but we will be cutting the trip short as we will need to be back here to complete the sale -WE HOPE. We won't be doing any househunting though - neither of us can face the prospect now until we have a contract signed and exchanged.

I really do need to get off this ride soon - feeling a bit iffy!

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