Thursday, 27 May 2010

It wasn't even Christmas!

My very favourite days are when we have the whole family together for food, wine, chat and music. Last weekend was a great example of just such an occasion and it wasn't even Christmas! These days it doesn't happen very often as they both live away from Stoke but both kids came to visit and unseasonably sunny weather meant we were able to barbecue and eat outside all weekend. Both of them left with cars loaded with plants and other spoils from the house and garden.

Its very likely the next time we are all together we will be in France - hopefully I won't have to wait too long for their first visit. We will be seeing everyone again before we go though - Adam is coming to collect more stuff and we will be going via Anna and Martins house when we leave for France as she is buying my car and we have decided we can use her place as a temporary address.

Its the 28th tomorrow, significance being that was supposed to be THE day for one of the buyers in the chain. So far we have no completion date but neither have we had any bad news so we are continuing to prepare for an imminent move while we keep reminding ourselves that it could still go horribly wrong.

Our buyer turned up at the house this week asking if we would be able to store some of his furniture if he has to move out before our completion date - this left us feeling a little more relaxed knowing that he has a plan B and seems very certain that everything is OK.

Itis just possible that the roller coaster ride will be replaced by a spin on the waltzers as there is so much left to do before we leave! I'm not going to complain though we just need a date to work to.

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Olga Swan said...

Petit a petit - you're getting closer. Great photo!