Saturday, 14 November 2009

do chickens eat chocolate cake?

We have had the strangest day!

Everything has hinged around a return visit today at 2.00pm from our potential buyers ( the people who made an offer back in September). We have had news in the week that other people have been to see OUR house which is a real blow but we are determined to try to get a sale underway - if we lose Las Charetieres we need to be cash buyers next time.

A second viewing meant another day of serious housework yesterday and once again the house was spotless. Marmalade was making allowed as it made the kitchen smell delicious and inviting.
Outside storms raged and strange booming explosions punctuated the morning (apparently they are starting quarrying somewhere nearby) raising the general tension in the air. The H's (hopefully our buyers) do seem to be still interested although it does not feel 100% as yet - perhaps one keener than the other?. If they do confirm their offer they could be the ideal purchasers for us - no chain and not in a hurry to get us out as they have another house.

When they left it left feeling in a strange state of limbo and wondering what to do with the rest of the day. It was too late/wet/cold for a walk but too early to eat and we were both too restless to settle down. We need to get to grips with selling on ebay but somehow think that would mean more stress. Eventually TC settled for another trip to the tip and I did my French homework.

After dinner we tried finishing the last remainders of goodies from the party. The rum and raisin chocolate cake, which was not a huge success in the first place, was not improved after being in the fridge all week even after a quick blast in the microwave - can't win 'em all!

So we wait for news on Monday we can do no more.................

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