Tuesday, 17 November 2009

what a difference a day makes :-((

Yesterday was all excitement. Our "buyers" had confirmed their offer and had a mortgage agreed in principle. They even wanted the chickens! There was no chain, they were flexible over when we moved out - almost too good to be true. We had the perfect buyers and we were happy to accept a lowish offer on that basis.

We contacted the immobiliers in France and found that all is not yet lost with Las Charetieres so we were gearing up to set things in motion with our sights on moving at the start of February. Timing would be great as the folk club's New Year celidh would be a great farewell gig for TC with the band.

Perhaps it was "counting in the chickens" but all is now lost! This morning we had a call to say the buyers have withdrawn the offer owing to a "financial shortfall". We are not sure if they were angling for another reduction from us but that's a non starter so now we are back to square zero - waiting to throw a six to start all over again.

News from France is that Las Charetieres is still on the market - not sure really whether that makes it worse or better. Unfortunately we are now in a worse position regarding buying than we were ( or thought we were anyway) when we first saw it. It remains a dream and I suppose we will just have to be philosophical about it and stick with "what will be will be la vie!"

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Anonymous said...

You'll know all this I'm sure but do proceed with caution.

Make sure that the plumbing on anything you buy meets the new regulations for 2012, it'll be expensive if you have to replace them. All properties will have been inspected by now so the sellers will have the inspection report.

Also ensure that any renovation work has been done by professionals and insist on seeing the receipts.

Email if I can help, GG