Sunday, 11 April 2010

April foolish

We had an emotional rollercoaster of a week!

Things started well when we arrived at Pavillon to find everything in good order - no winter flood debris, no burglary and the boiler, generator and fridge were working. Good omen perhaps?

April 1st was the day reserved with the estate agent to look at houses. I awoke to hear disconcerting noises from the bathroom and the discovery that TC was suffering from one of his occasional attacks of vertigo. As we have no phone or mobile connection at Pavillon there was no choice but for me to set off to meet the estate agent on my own - sounds simple but I had not driven a left hand drive before so it was somewhat nervewracking. Anyway I and hire car arrived in one piece and I kept our appointment.

I had been very eager to see one house which had come onto the market a few months back which looked like just what we were looking for and it did not dissapoint, in fact it was even better than expected. It was just perfect, a fabulous house, beautifully converted, room for the grand piano, set in beautiful countryside surrounded by fields, great views and just a 10 minute walk from a busy village with all facilities ( and we even have friends who live there). It seemed like we had discovered a reason for our last sale failing as this house beat Las Charretieres hands down. Poor TC was dragged from his sick bed in the late afternoon to see it and did not take any convincing to agree with me that this was IT.

The next few days ( the Easter weekend) our French estate agent worked tirelessly on our behalf and we eventually agreed a price with the vendors and began eagerley looking forward to returning in a week or so to sign the compromis de vente and then to spending a couple of months living in Pavillon while the sale went through.

Our last day, with TC now recovered, we were able to enjoy the great weather and go for a long walk. We left in high spirits but by the time we got back to the house we were crushed after a phone call while we were on the hills from our English agent telling us that our buyers had pulled out apparently because of a threat of redundancy.

So at the end of the week :

  • our dream house has been put back on the market!
  • we haven't sold No 82

Here we have arranged for a new agent to take over after the 14 days notice we have to give the old ones and since our return we have been furiously working on the house and garden in an effort to make us feel we are helping matters. The only way we can cope is by keeping frantically busy.

TC is determined there is no plan B but I do feel utterly despondent. There will be no pictures from this week its all too depressing.

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