Saturday, 24 April 2010


Well we now have a new agent. She is Australian, young, noisy, pushy and seems to have a surplus of energy - so from now on she will be Belinda the Kangaroo to us. We are not knocking it though, a bit of enthusiasm will not go amiss and it was quite a relief to go out and leave todays viewing to her. We got some positive feedback after the viewing so we will just have to see how things develop. At least we feel she will pull out all the stops to secure a sale - in her words she's "got the poms poms out on this one".

TC continues to move from one "improvement" job to another in an effort to feel that by not standing still things are happening. Falling off a ladder and breaking a window the night before a viewing was not exactly the most constructive thing he could have done however!

A unexpectedly warm spell of weather has enabled us to do a bit of pretending. We have been eating early so that we could barbecue and even eat outside. Its not the same as what we had planned for April but will have to do for now. We do need to be thinking about a visit to Pavillon soonish - the grass will need cutting, we want to organise a phone connection and a post box as well as needing a fix of SW France sunshine. Its really difficult deciding on the timing for a visit though - we want to go by car to take a load of STUFF which ideally means being away for two weeks - being away is not a problem unless there are selling related issues to deal with, and who knows when that might or might not be.

Come on you kangaroos!!!

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