Sunday, 18 April 2010

concerning enthusiasm......

I normally love this time of year in the garden - hard work but full of hope and expectation of the glories to come. This year though is very different . I have to admit the garden looks spectacular - the late flowering of the "early" daffodils has resulted in all of the daffodils and narcissi flowering together and they have never looked more impressive. But now I have had to start planting and sowing in the vegetable garden at the same time hoping against hope that I will not be eating the produce. Its very hard to work up any enthusiasm. I don't want to spend loads of money on plants or loads of effort on weeds either.

This weekend a new estate agent is taking over from our original choice who also seem to have lost their enthusiasm where our house is concerned! We are taking a chance with a new small agent who has opened up in the village who is very keen and being new kid on the block has a lot to prove. Who knows if it will make a difference but it's worth a try. Another advantage is that she does all the viewings herself and although this means we lose a bit of control it will free us from what is becoming a real bore and having to be nice to people who much of the time are just having a nose!

I suppose on the plus side we should be pleased that we have not had to negotiate traffic chaos between here and France this weekend and maybe the volcanic ash will help to keep other buyers away from OUR house in France. We are trying hard not to be miserable b.....s , there are of course people with much greater problems to deal with , and our friends don't want to be hearing how fed up we are not being able to get away. Last week we managed a walk, a trip to the theatre to see a play and a celidh as well as having a rare visit from our son and in between TC managed to continue to find things to do on the house. One pane of glass which has been cracked for the last 22 years has been fixed and the garage door looks like new after its first ever coat of paint.

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